Vazza on Amazon

Unfortunately this isn’t a takedown piece as I can’t ascertain who the person or company Vazza is, but they sell a lot of phone cases on Amazon. And some of them feature art for which they have not obtained a license or permission for.

So let me just outline what I can so that anyone finding this while researching cases will know.

The very talented Jenny Parks (comics fans may recognize her Marvel cat variant covers ) was tipped off to one of her works being used on a Vazza case sold on Amazon ( by Vazza, Taobao and Cellection). Several people left comments on the item and Jenny contacted Amazon and the item became unavailable, presumably while Amazon investigates. Here’s a comparison image and a link to the item on her Etsy store if you’re interested in a legitimate item.

While looking into this (thanks Andriana for the heads-up) I found two other DeviantArt artists whose works were being used. I passed this along to Jenny and she’s going to contact them (as she’s on DA and I am not). One was this adorable giraffe by amidot.

Another was this Heath Ledger Joker pencil rendering by gokhansav.

So if you’re buying a case on Amazon and the brand or seller is Vazza, please be cautious. Hopefully Amazon will look into this a bit deeper as I suspect there are plenty of more un-licensed images on their cases. As I said, I couldn’t sort out who they are, but my suspicion is that it’s a Chinese company doing the printing and importing and someone in the US or Australia doing the graphics and text (they’re clearly in touch with Western pop culture). Or it could be that Vazza is just a distributor and is buying from another party. It’s hard to say. So we’ll have to leave this one as is for now.